In response to a bank customer, give him in details the system of ‘money gram’ in your bank

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Our Ref: Customer Relations/querry-335/09
Wednesday, May 13, 2012

Mr. M
House # 3333, Road # 01,
Block-I,Shugondga, CHITTAGONG


Dear Sir,
It is our pleasure to receive your letter enquiring about ‘money-gram’ system of paying money. MoneyGram is an international company based in the United States having their offices in more than 170 countries all over the world. This company has recently started providing money transfer services in Bangladesh. They provide a service that ensures instant cash from the remitters to the recipients in the shortest possible time.

Our bank has entered into an agreement with MoneyGram International. So, if you have any friend or relation working or living abroad, you may inform him/her that s/he can send money to anybody in Bangladesh through our bank via MoneyGram.

On the strength of a unique ‘password’, conveyed by the remitter to the intending recipient, anybody can get the instant cash over the counter even if the customer has no account with any bank.

You may enjoy this facility of MoneyGram in any shop or office, other than in banks, wherever you will find the logo of MoneyGram, thanks to Internet facility being available in every nook and corner.

Thanks for your query.



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