Principles of Economics and Bangladesh Economy question Paper, November, 2011

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Banking Diploma Examination— November, 2011
[N.B Please answer any five questions]

1. a) Compare the definitions of Economics offered by Adam Smith and Lionel Robbins.
b) Discuss the subject-matter of Economics.

2.   a) Explain the terms "Want" and "Scarcity" as understood in Economics.  
b) Discuss the importance of multiplicity of wants and scarcity of resources in the study of Economics.     

3. a) Compare the distinguishing features of the different forms of market structure, viz, Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly.
b) Identify, with brief explanation, the market structure of the following products/services in Bangladesh:-
1) Water supply in Dhaka city;
2) Rice market:
3) Mobile telephone services and
4) Banking services. 

4. a) What' is meant by production function?
b) Describe a production indifference curve and its properties. Use diagrams in your answers.

5. a) What do you mean by 'returns to scale'?   
b) Distinguish between 'increasing returns to scale', 'constant returns to scale' and 'decreasing returns to scale.' Use diagrams.

6. a) Distinguish between gross national product and net national product.    
b) What is meant by the problem of double counting in the measurement of national income?
C) How ban the double counting problem be avoided?  

7. a) What is unemployment and what are its various types?   
b) Suggest remedies for unemployment in Bangladesh.
8. a) What should be the objectives of monetary policy in a developing country like Bangladesh?          
b) Explain the interdependence of monetary and fiscal policies.

9. Present arguments for welcoming foreign aid in Bangladesh.
10. Write short notes on any four of the following:;     
a) Opportunity cost;
b) Consumer's surplus;
c) Quasi-rent;
d) Public good:
e) Floating exchange rate;
f) Depreciation of currency.

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