Importance of Elasticity of Demand/ Importance of Studying Elasticity of Demand/

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The concept of elasticity of demand is of great importance in practical life. Its main points are given as under:

1. Useful for Business: It enables the business in general and the monopolists in particular to fix the price. Studying the nature of demand the monopolist fixes higher prices for those goods which have inelastic demand and lower prices for goods which have elastic demand. In this way, this helps him to maximize his profit.

2. Fixation of Prices: It is very useful to fix the price of jointly supplied goods. In the case of joint products like paddy and straw, the cost of production of each is not known. The price of each is then fixed by its elastic and inelastic demand.

3. Helpful to Finance Minister: It helps the Finance Minister to levy tax on goods. After levying taxes more and more on goods which have inelastic demand, the Government collects more revenue from the people without causing them inconvenience. Moreover, it is also useful for the planning.

4. Fixation of Wages: It guides the producers to fix wages for labourers. They fix high or low wages according to the elastic or inelastic demand for the labour.

5. In the Sphere of International Trade: It is of greater significance in the sphere of international trade. It helps to calculate the terms of trade and the consequent gain from foreign trade. If the demand for home product is inelastic, the terms of trade will be profitable to the home country.

6. Paradox of Poverty. It explains the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty. A bumper crop instead of bringing prosperity may result in disaster, if the demand for it is inelastic. This is specially so, if the products are perishable and not storable.

7. Significant for Government Economic Policies. The knowledge of elasticity of demand is very important for the government in such matters as controlling of business cycles, removing inflationary and deflationary gaps in the economy. Similarly, for price stabilization and the purchase and sale of stocks, information about elasticity of demand is most useful.

8. Determination of Price of Public Utilities. This concept is significant in the determination of the prices of public utility services. Economic welfare of the society largely depends upon the cheap availability.

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