Short Notes on Fax

Posted by Muhammad Jakirul Haque Talukder on Sunday, June 7, 2015 | 0 comments

Facsimile popularly known as Fax is a very important method of electronic commrmication. It is used to transmit any sort of written matter, picture, diagram etc. from one place to another. This device acts through telephone line. Under this method, any document containing information which is put as input in the fax machine of the sender is electronically transformed as photocopy as the origin in the receiver fax machine. Using this method similar document of the origin can be transmitted from one place to another in home and abroad instantly. Specially it is used to present any written statement, diagram photograph, certificate, testimonial etc. to the receiver as it is.

Thus, fax machine is a very useful method of transmitting visual materials viz, diagrams, illustrations, photographs or copies of artwork visuals. The fax machine is connected with a telephone.

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