Short Notes on Internet

Posted by Muhammad Jakirul Haque Talukder on Thursday, June 4, 2015 | 0 comments

The Internet may be termed as .a global communication of people. For internet communication a' number of computers are linked together by telephone lines, radio links or satellite links. With the help of 'internet we can serve many purposes. Interent is the world's largest computer network. Started in 1964 by the United States Department of Defence, the internet is a voluntary cooperative undertaking. It links thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of individual computer users in homes, business organisations, government officers and schools all over the world. 

To reach the internet we need a computer with a modern and an internet service provider (ISP), a company that provides access to the inter-net. For a face, one can dial into one of the ISP's host computers, which will link to one of the networked computers in the internet. The most widely used part of the interest is the world wide web developed in 1990. The web enables users to search for display and save multimedia resources, such as, graphics, text and audio and video flies.

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