Business Communication Syllabus

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Full Marks: 100

Module A: Theory and Process of Communication
·         Meaning and Importance of Communication, Business and Banking Communication. Principles of Business Communication, Process of Effective Communication (Model), Factors Affecting Communication

Module B: Classification and Methods of Communication
·         Types of Communication, Downward, Upward, Horizontal, External, Internal, Formal, Informal, Oral and Written, Spoken Communication and Listening.

Module C: Fundamentals of Business Writing
·         Adaptation and Selection of Words, Construction of Clear Sentences and Paragraphs, Effective Writing, Directness in Initiating Routine Letters, Answering Routine Letters, Indirectness for Bad-News and Persuasion

Module D: Fundamentals of Report Writing
The Shorter form Report Structure, Long Formal Reports

Module E: Standard and Physical Aspects of Communication
·         Graphic Aids to Communication, Physical Presentation of Reports and Letters, Correctness of Communication
·         Communication in the Financial Institutions and Banks of Bangladesh

1 Lesiker, Raymond V. Basic Business Communication
2 Narayan, N.0 Complete Banking Correspondence 
3 Singh, L.R. A Guide of Bank Correspondence 
4 Slocun, Keith. Business English with Programmed Reinforcement

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