Laws & Practice of Banking Syllabus

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Full Marks: 100

Module A: Business Related Laws
· Company Act
· Contract Act
· Transfer of Property Act
· Limitation Act
· Bankruptcy Act
· Sale of Goods Act
· Stamp Act
· Partnership Act
· Registration Act

Module B: Financial Institutions Related Laws
· Bank Company Act
· Financial Institutions Act
· Bangladesh Bank Order
· Bankers Book Evidence Act
· Artho Rin Adalat

Module C: Financial Instrument Related Laws
· Negotiable Instrument Act
· Money Laundering Prevention Ordinance & Anti Terrorism Ordinance

1 Ali, S. Ashraf & Howlader, R.A. Banking Law and Practice
2 Bashar, M.A. Bangladesh Laws on Banks and Banking
3 Debnath, R.M. Banks and Legal Environment
4 Relevant Govt. Gazettes
5 Varshney, P.N. Banking Law and Practice

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