Organization and Management Questions, November, 2011

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Banking Diploma Examination-November, 2011
 [NB: All questions are Equal value. Answer any five questions.]

1. a) Define an open system and a close system and give at least one example of each.
b) Distinguish between scientific management and behavioral management.
c) "A manager must be a leader of employees.- Explain.

2. a) Define charismatic leadership.
b) As a manager of a branch of a bank which type of leadership style would you choose from Blake and Mouton's managerial grid? Please explain.
c) Is it possible for a manager to be both task-oriented and employee-oriented at the same time?

3. a) Define conflict.
b) "Conflict and competition are not similar terms:' - Explain.
c) Discuss the different types of conflict management styles.

4. a) What is motivation? What are the primary and secondary' needs?
b) Discuss the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction.
c) To what extent and how is money an effective motivator?

5. a) Distinguish between mission and vision.
b) "Planning and control are 'Siamese twins.' Explain.
c) How do you plan for a typical organization in a dynamic environment?

6. a) What are the most commonly used tests in the selection process of managers? State their limitations.
b) What is involved in orientation of new employees?
c) State the advantages and disadvantages of a policy of promotion from wither.

7. a) What is meant by productivity?
b) What are the various productivity measures that may be used in measuring productivity of a commercial bank?
c) State what measures you would suggest to enhance the productivity of a commercial bank.

8. a) Discuss the ethical issues in information technology (IT).
b) What is meant by mobile banking? State its merits and demerits.
c) “Business and government influence each other.” Discuss with examples.

4. a) Discuss the steps in the control process
b) Distinguish between feed-back and feed-forward control.
c) What are the requirements of effective control?

10. Write short notes on any four of the following:-
a) Management by exception;
b) Strategic planning;
c) Inter-branch reconciliation:
d) Job description;
e) E-commerce.

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