Different Products and Services of Banks

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Mainly there are two types of product in Bank. These are

· Deposits – Banks accept the deposits of the public. In order to attract the savings of the people, the bank provides every sort of facility and inspiration to them and collects the scattered savings of the society. The bank opens an account of those people who deposit their savings with the bank. These deposit accounts can mainly be of three types and people can open any of these three types of accounts according to their wish. These accounts are current account, saving bank account, fixed deposit account.

· Loans – The bank just don’t keep with themselves the deposited amount of the people, rather they advance them in the form of loans to the businessman and entrepreneurs, just to earn profits for their partners. The loanee keeps some gold, silver, fixed and variable assets in the form of security with the bank. The bank can advance loan to their customers in three ways: overdrafts, money at call, discounting bills of exchange.

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