Advertisement as a Technique of Communication-Explain

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Advertisement is a commonly used technique of introducing goods and services to the people in general. The utility, availability, mode of use and other necessary description of the goods, the rules of its trading etc. may be known from advertisement. It is generally a printed media of publicity. When the people are informed about goods and services with the help of any notice, it is called advertisement. 

Advertisement aims at attracting the general mass to particular product. As a result of technological development a huge volume of goods can be produced within a short time. But production becomes useless if these cannot be sold in a short time. Advertisement takes the responsibility of finding customers for those goods. Thus advertisement has become an 'essential ingredient of modern large scale business. Today.thefunction of advertisement is to create and increase demand for goods, bring customers to the sales centres, pasuade them to buy, increase direct sales and win over competition.

Today advertisement is an important media of mass communication. Advertisement through radio, television, newspaper, magazine,.handbill, periodicals, cinema, fair and exhibition etc. play a very important role in transmitting the news and views about the goods to the general people.the future activities of the company. According to sec. 77(1) of the companies Act every-company must convene it statutory meeting one month after but not after six months from the date of certificate of commencement of business. It is binding for every joint stock company. Statutory meeting is held only once during the life time of company. However, a private and a company limited by guarantee need not convene a statutory meeting.
The shareholders of a company are informed about its objectives and activities in statutory meeting. The shareholders can have an idea about preliminary expenses, allotment of shares, important deeds and agreements signed by the company. They can also know about the statutory report and express opinion on it.

It is the first meeting between the company and the shareholders. Here the shareholders become acquaintained with the company, its rules, norms and policies and the persons selected as its directors. The notice of statutory meeting should be sent to the shareholders at least 21 days before the meeting.

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