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Posted by Muhammad Jakirul Haque Talukder on Thursday, June 4, 2015 | 0 comments

The word memorandum shortly termed as 'memo' means taking note for future or any matter to be remembered. Indeed memo is one kind of written note that helps to keep something in memory. Office memo is a written means of internal communication. It is .used to exchange information among official’s subordinates or people of same status in an organization. In fact, office memo is a written means of communication in between different sections, departments or units within the organization. It is used to exchange information among executives, sub-ordinates and people of same status.

Office memo is written referring to a specific issue of the organization. Polices and principles of the organization, clarification of policies, any change or modification brought in present policies, any change in work schedule, providing or soliciting advice, request for supplying information, granting permission to perform a particular task etc. are used as the subject matter of office memo. The officials, sub-ordinates and people of the same status may use office memo to exchange information in matters of various 'courses of action of the office. Office memo is frequently used for conveying information, making requests and providing response.

As a tool of internal communication office memo provides certain specific benefits. It provides the message in brief and effective form. It is less expensive and may be used as reference. But office memo can be used only in limited areas. If it is used formally, rules and regulations should be followed strictly and this causes unnecessary delay. If any wrong, exaggerated or distorted information is included in a memo, it cannot by instantly alter. A corrigendum becomes necessary for it. It is useless of the illiterate people.

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