What are the External Sources of recruitment?

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1. Advertisement.
Advertisement is the most effective means to search potential employees from outside the organization. Employment advertisement in journals, newspapers, bulletins, etc., is quite common in our country.

2. Employment Agencies.
Many organizations get the information about the prospective candidates through employment agencies.

3. On Campus Recruitment.
Many organizations conduct preliminary search of prospective employees by conducting interviews at the campuses of various institutes, universities, and colleges.

4. Deputation.
Many organizations take people on deputation from other organizations. Such people are given choice either to return to their original organization after a certain time or to opt for the present organization.

5. Recommendation by existing employees.
Vacancies may also be filled up on the basis of recommendations made by the existing employees of the concern. A family member, relative or friend of an employee may be considered for appointment.

6. Labor Unions.
In many organizations, labor unions are used as source of manpower supply, though at the lower levels. In many organizations, unions are asked to make recommendations for employment of people as a matter of goodwill and cooperation.

7. Gate Hiring.
The concept of gate hiring is to select people who approach on their own for employment in the organization. This happens mostly in the case of unskilled and semiskilled workers. As such candidates are recommended by the existing employees, it is safe to employ them. Employee recommendations can be considered to employ personnel particularly at the lower levels.

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